Snack & Rest?


Bangkok – Thailand
It happens to be hungry, in that time the healthy and easy food to find everywhere is a Banana..Seen by some people as the icon of the masculine part. One time I saw a very nice lady sitting on a bench in the street.
This place was full of different peoples, locals and tourists all of them all ready watching her.
She was a bit shy to take from her bags this ambiguous fruit. Maybe for the banana shape and his common way to eat that? Anyway this nice lady she had the brain surrounded by thoughts and she decide to eating banana in the worst way. Take in her mouth and cover herself with her hand..
this idea was to avoid seen by others
My opinion is never be shy! Thinking about the folks, could be worst.

Local People

Delivery Ice

screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-8-09-20-amKampot – Cambodia. A man with a cowboy hat and shoulders a chainsaw goes around the city with a bizarre means of locomotion half wooden cart and half Kawasaki motorcycle post-war model with which carries blocks of ice for sale at meter. A request stops at bars and local restaurants who need ice and when he find a costumer with his chainsaw cuts and goes. After all wet jump into the saddle and run away…looking for others new customers who need it. Sell everything before the hot sun melt everything. Is a race against the time.


Old Woman recycle

screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-9-40-22-amFrom the border of Vietnam to the first city in Cambodia from Ha Tien to Kep or better Xa Xia – Prek Chak border 1km to go and 1km back.
This elderly woman and his hump comes and goes in spite of his age and the warm swarm.
Every day she go up and down on foot dragging a wooden caravan to collect how much it is possible bags or rubbish, bottles, any kind of plastics everything she will find on the street, near the restaurants, hotels, until the caravan will be full and later walking back home under a crazy sun.
…and then resell in Vietnam.
Simply a Hero!

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When you travel meetings and meetings leave you memories. The memories are the perfect mix of realities that deal with manipulations of the brain in a creative way. People who mark you with few sentences that tell by the facts they do. Not only the people, the nature as it appears at that time, the places we visit now will never be the same the next time…The Indians say: we never bathe in the same water.